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Nursing - Prescription of Ionizing Radiation - X-Ray

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Start date: September 2014

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1 semester part-time

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Entry Requirements

Applicants Must:

Be registered as a nurse on the live register with An Bord Altranais.

Have successfully completed a module in health assessment.

Currently employed as a nurse in the voluntary and statutory services of the Health Service Executive.

Have a minimum of 3 years post-registration clinical experience in the area in which prescribing is proposed.

Possession of competencies recognized at level 8 of the NQAI framework.

Nomination and confirmation of a designated medical practitioner mentor.

Letter of recommendations from Line Manager

Provide documented support of a designated clinical supervisor as agreed by the Local Implementation Group.

Confirm his/her intention to practice as a nurse with authority to prescribe ionizing radiation (X-Ray) in the area of identified clinical need.

Signed declaration form by the Director of Nursing, Clinical Supervisor and Head of Radiology (Consultant Radiologist)

Documents to be submitted with your application:

Certificates of nursing qualifications or validated copies of awards

Original transcript(s) including date and grading of degree award (non UCD Graduates only) & notarised English translations where relevant

A current photocopy of An Bord Altranais registration

Copy of Birth Certificate or Personal Page of Passport

Sealed envelope with the (original form)

Evidence of proficiency in English language (applicants whose first language is not English)

Signed by the Director of Nursing, Clinical Supervisor and Head of Radiology (Consultant Radiologist)

Course Content

Professional Certificate (Prescription of Ionising Radiation (X-Ray))

Who is the Professional Certificate (Prescription of Ionising Radiation (X-Ray)) for?

This programme is aimed at registered nurses who wish to become a nurse prescriber in ionising radiation (X-Ray) in his/her area of specialist practice and who have already completed a module in Health Assessment.

What is the programme about?
This education programme for prescriptive authority contains the essential elements that facilitate the development of professional knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies necessary to meet the needs of patients and service users within the area of practice expansion (An Board Altranais, 2007). This education programme is recognised at level 8 on the National Qualification Authority of Ireland (NQAI) framework. It is designed to develop the professional knowledge base, practical skills and understanding of prescribing by providing nurses and midwives undertaking the programme with a structured learning programme that will facilitate the achievement of the competencies outlined by An Bord Altranais in the Requirement and Standards for Nurse Education for Authority to Prescribe Ionising Radiation (X-Ray).

Course objective
This programme aims to provide you with strong theoretical and clinical foundation in prescribing practice. This programme will develop your professional knowledge base, practical skills and understanding of prescribing practice by providing you with a learning programme that will facilitate the achievement of the competencies for prescribing as outlined by An Bord Altranais. The development and implementation of the education programme for Nurse and Midwifery prescribing has occurred through collaboration between the HSE, Schools of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems, and with the Diagnostic Imaging staff of the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science.

What will I learn?
The purpose of this programme is to ensure that you have the knowledge, skills and competencies to prescribe safely and effectively on completion of the programme. The programme builds on your lifelong learning skills and understanding of the relevant regulatory documents and legislation. You will also develop skills in reflective practice, audit and monitoring.

How will I benefit?
Successful completion of this programme enables graduates to prescribe X-Rays in accordance with the Scope of Practice/list of X-ray examinations outlined in the module.

Teaching methods
We use a range of teaching methods. Clinical teaching is undertaken by specialists with particular emphasis on assisting students in applying theory to practice. Clinical practice mentorship provides students with excellent opportunities to learn from experts in their area of practice. Students engage in supervised practice in order to develop and refine specific skills in prescribing ionising radiation (X-Ray).

Information technology
It is essential that you have access to a personal computer, an email account and a reliable internet connection as communication with students is primarily undertaken by email. Lecture handouts/announcements are made available to students via Blackboard (a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that supports online learning and teaching) and/or via email. Messages from the university regarding examination policy and procedures are also sent via email.

Major Strengths
UCD have a long history of producing high quality graduates

This programme is highly focused on enhancing clinical practice to enable graduates to be even more effective clinicians, change agents and clinical leaders in their area of practice

University-based lecturers with national and international expertise from clinical, research and educational perspectives

The student body is drawn from a number of the organisations, enabling the sharing of learning and experience between students, as well as from the academic and clinical staff

The Programme employs a variety of innovative assessment strategies with a strong clinical focus

Extensive use of IT in supporting the teaching environment of the programme

Access to excellent facilities for lectures

Highly focused on clinical practice: In addition students undertake a clinical practicum module where theory and clinical modules are applied directly to patient care

Programme structure
The programme is run in collaboration with the Schools of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems and with the Diagnostic Imaging staff of the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science.

Subjects Taught

The programme takes place over one semester The programme is comprised of two modules as outlined below:

Prescribing Ionising Radiation
Clinical Practice Ionising Radiation

Further Enquiries

Nicola Berry
Tel: +353 1 716 6409

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