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Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC)
The Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) is based in Galway. It is an application centre that provides the facility for applicants to apply online for Postgraduate taught programmes at DCU. There are currently 89 DCU courses available through PAC.

Applicants apply for DCU postgraduate courses online at www.pac.ie. Applicants can apply for up to three programmes when making an application to DCU on PAC. Programmes should be selected in order of preference as sequential processing and assessment of programmes mean that if an applicant is offered their first choice no further assessment of the other programmes is made. The cost of applying is €50 and is a non-refundable fee payable to PAC.

All documentation relevant to the application should be posted to PAC at the following address:-

Postgraduate Application Centre
1 Courthouse Square

On receipt of the application fee PAC scans all documentation onto the system for review at DCU. Applicants are notified by email as each step of the review route is progressed. It is therefore, imperative that applicants have a secure email account and review it regularly for updates, as no other means of communication between DCU and prospective applicants will be used.

To assist in each stage of the application process web links are provided both on the PAC system and here on our webpage. These links, listed opposite, can be reviewed prior to making an application or dipped into during the process. They provide relevant information from the initial stage of making an application to accepting an offer online. Applicants also have the facility to pay the initial deposit online on accepting and subsequent fees.

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2 years full-time (evenings).

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Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements:
Applicants will normally hold at least a primary degree that is recognised for teaching at least one subject from the second-level curriculum. In addition you must have all of the following:

- Two references (including current or most recent employer)

- Guaranteed placement of at least 200 hours with 12-18 years olds in a recognised school/college

- Be available to attend for interview prior to the start of the programme

- Relevant experience (desirable)

Applicants MUST read the Programme Regulations for the PDE, complete and return four supplementary forms with your PAC number directly to Postgraduate Applications Centre, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway within 10 days of making your application online.


Why DCU?
- DCU is the largest centre for education and training in Ireland.

- We take a modern and creative approach to teacher education.

- We link initial teacher education programmes to professional development.

- DCU graduates in teacher education are highly regarded.

International Applications
International candidates are expected to have educational qualifications of a standard equivalent to those outlined above. In addition, where such candidates are non-native speakers of the English language they must satisfy the university of their competency in the English language.

Course Content

Programme Overview:
Degree Information:
Do you believe that your efforts and commitments can inspire a young person to achieve great things? As a teacher in a second-level school, it is the quality of the relationships that you form with your students that will define their experience of school and encourage, enlighten and challenge them to achieve the highest standards possible for themselves. Without doubt schools in Ireland are now defined by a diversity of races, faiths, cultures, social and economic backgrounds. If you think you have the courage to work in this way then you should consider becoming a teacher.

By contributing to the development of a young person's values and character you influence not just the quality of one person's life but the quality of the whole of society.

The Professional Master of Education addresses the need for a flexible evening teacher education qualification for those who want to work in second-level schools but who are not in a position to engage in a full-time day programme of study.

Aims and Objectives:
- To provide student teachers with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to adapt to the demands of their professional lives.

- To combine the varied experiences and opinions of the students to bring a synergy to the lectures, shared tutorials and group work, which are key features of the programme.

It is our aim to recruit students for this programme from a variety of backgrounds, including those working in second-level schools as well as those who have recently completed undergraduate study, those who are currently working in Further Education, industry and business, TEFL, Special Needs Education, Youthreach, VTOS and other professional settings.

Programme Structure:
The programme starts in September, with lectures held on Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm. This includes an induction to teaching practice which happens each year prior to students starting their placement. You will participate in lectures, shared seminars, workshops and study in groups to develop your abilities in two subject pedagogies. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that upon completion of the programme you meet the General and Special Requirements of the Teaching Council, in order to be able to register as a teacher of your chosen subject in a second-level school in Ireland.

In Year 1, you take five modules, attracting a total of 30 credits (ECTS). In Year 2, seven modules are offered across both semesters, also attracting 30 credits. Each module is continuously assessed, with terminal examination as appropriate. Continuous assessment is by projects, case studies, papers, presentations, reports and computer-based assignments, where relevant.

School Placement
This programme includes a supervised school placement during which you will practice classroom teaching and participate in the general life of the school. You must obtain a minimum of 100 hours of teaching in a classroom, as well as a further 200 hours of systematic observation and participation in school life.

Subjects Taught

Please click on "Course Web Page" below for subject information.

Careers or Further Progression

Career Prospects:
While most of our graduates will work as teachers in voluntary secondary, vocational, community and comprehensive schools, others will pursue further studies in education and related fields, such as guidance, pastoral care, school leadership and management. Others again will work in, Further Education, Higher Education, government departments and other education and training settings.

As this course is fully recognised by the Teaching Council, graduates will receive appropriate salary allowances for permanent positions in second-level schools.

Further Enquiries

Dr James O'Higgins Norman,
email: james.norman@dcu.ie
Tel: +353 1 700 7417
Room: CA107

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